Zestaw uruchomieniowy DSP2000 DSP28335 SXD28335

  • Zestaw uruchomieniowy DSP2000 DSP28335 SXD28335
  • Zestaw uruchomieniowy DSP2000 DSP28335 SXD28335
  • Zestaw uruchomieniowy DSP2000 DSP28335 SXD28335
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Kod produktu:
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DSP2000 DSP28335 Core Board DSP28335 TMS320F28335 Development Learning Board

DSP2000 development board:
- Support TFT color LCD screen,12864,1602 interface and audio interface
- Supply TF memory interface,convenient to achieve file system
- Supply 485 dual 232 and dual channel CANBUS interface
- Extend NORFLASH and SRAM storage
- Designed for motor control and inverter,reserved special interface

SXD28335_QFP hardware description:
- Main processor TMS320F28335:32 bit floating-point high speed digital processor,the max working frequency 150M
- On-chip memory:FLASH:256Kx16 bit;SRAM:34Kx16bit;Boot ROM:8Kx16bit;OTP ROM:1Kx16bit
- On-chip peripherals:ePWM(enhanced version PWM):12 way;HRPWM(high resolution PWM):6 way;EQEP(enhanced version orthogonal coding pulse unit):2 channel;ADC:2X8channel,12-bit,80nS conversion time,0~3V range;SCI asynchronous serial port:3 channel;McBSP synchronous serial port:2 channel;SPI synchronous serial:1 channel;eCAN bus:2 channel;IIC bus:1 channel;DMA:6 channel;watchdog.
- Parallel memory:256Kx16 bit SRAM:IS61LV25616AL;512Kx16bit Nor FLASH:SST39VF800;
- Serial IIC memory:512K(65,536x8)EEPROM:AT24C512
- Serial SPI large capacity memory:TF card(the max testing 16G)
- High precise ADC reference source:TI recommend REF3020(2.048 V high precise reference output)
- Clock frequency:30MHz(high quality passive crystal)
- Starting mode control switch:4 bit high quality dial switch,option starting mode
- Reset:high quality imported manual button reset+inner watchdog reset
- EPWM interface:extend 12 way(3.3V)
- ECAP interface:extend 6 way(3.3V)
- EQEP interface:extend 2 way(3.3V)
- CAN bus:dual channel CAN bus communication circuit,protecting anti-plug design,on-board terminal
- RS232 interface:2 way RS232 interface,with level converter,female socket
- RS485 interface:1 way RS485 interface,with level converter,standard industry terminal
- Button display interface(module option):4X4 full keyboard;4 bit integrated LED digital tube
- ADC interface:16 channel 12 bit ADC interface(input range:0-3V)
- DAC interface:4 channel 10 bit DA output
- Common digital IO port:8 way IIC extend GPIO interface
- IIC/SPI bus interface:leading IIC/SPI bus interface(convenient to extend)
- XINTF bus interface:XINTF bus interface(16 bit data bus,13 bit address bus,chip select,break off,common IO,convenient to extend)
- MCBSP audio interface:1 way LINE_ON;1 way MIC_IN;1 way LINE-OUT;1 way HEADPHONES_OUT
- JTAG port:standard 2.54mm 14 pin JTAG interface,protecting anti-plug design
- Man-machine interface:4x4 button(high quality button);IIC bus extend 8 parallel IO control LED;SPI bus extend 4 bit digital tube common anode;EPWM control buzzer 1 way;testing point 3 pcs           
- Power supply interface:standard 5.1x2.1 interface;linear LDO,decrease interference to ADC

- DC motor 1 way,protecting anti-plug design,pin spacing 2.54mm;stepper motor 1 way,protecting anti-plug design,pin spacing 2.54mm;
- 5V logic brushless DC motor(BLDC) and permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM) control interface (including 2 way EQEP,4 way ECAP,12way EPWM,8 way 12 bit ADC)

LCD screen display interface:
- LDC1602 display interface(parallel bus interface not IO analog)
- LDC12864 display interface(parallel bus interface not IO analog)
- TFT LCD display interface(TFT3.2inch with touch screen)

Package List:
- 1 x SXD28335_QFP(standard version:no TFT screen)
- 1 x Power supply 5V 2A
- 1 x USB to RS232 converter
- 1 x 20-20-14JTAG cable
- 1 x Dupont line
- 1 x Dual channel CAN communication cable
- 1 x Install pillar nut

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