Zestaw uruchomieniowy ZQ28335 DSP28335

  • Zestaw uruchomieniowy ZQ28335 DSP28335
  • Zestaw uruchomieniowy ZQ28335 DSP28335
  • Zestaw uruchomieniowy ZQ28335 DSP28335
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Kod produktu:
189,00 zł
/ szt.
249,00 zł
/ szt.
Oszczędzasz 24% (60,00 zł).
1 ZQ28335 development board for learning
2 DC power supply 5V;
3 Conector female/female - 10pcs
4 DSP development of learning materials DVD;
5 Transparent plexiglass plate and copper pillar ;
DSP processor TMS320F28335, 32 -bit floating point high-speed digital processor , the maximum operating frequency 150M;
1 , on-chip memory :
FLASH: 256K × 16 - bit
SRAM: 34K × 16 - bit
Boot ROM: 8K × 16 - bit
OTP ROM: 1K × 16 - bit
Among FLASH, OTP ROM and 16K × 16 - bit SRAM is password protected, protecting the user program.
2 , on-chip peripherals:
ePWM: 12 Road
HRPWM: 6 Road
QEP: 2 channels
ADC: 2 × 8 -channel, 12 - bit , 80ns transition time , 0 ~ 3V range
SCI asynchronous serial port : 3 channels
McBSP synchronous serial : 2 channels
SPI synchronous serial interface : 1 channel
eCAN Bus : 2 channels
2C bus : 1 channel
DMA: 6 channels
• expand outside 256Kx16 bit SRAM chip , the model is IS61LV25616AL, the maximum acceptable 512Kx16 bit .
• expand outside 512Kx16 bit Nor FLASH chip , model SST39VF800.
• Provide EEPROM chip , easy read and store data .
• Provide a high quality system clock oscillator 30M to ensure the system stability.
• provides four integrated 8 digital tube , through dynamic scan DSP for data display .
• Provides 8 LED light tube, convenient status indication, as do water status display lights and other experiments .
• Provide 3x3 matrix keyboard ; DSP via scanning.
• Provide a buzzer connected to DSP via jumpers , users can flexibly change the IO control port .
• provide a reset circuit to ensure reliable reset , provide two kinds of reset ZQ28335 hardware development boards , one is automatically reset by the voltage detection method , an independent access via a dedicated reset chip reset button , you can manually reset ; development board provides only general one kind of .
• SCI provides two -way data transceiver driver , two RS232 interfaces , standard DB9 female connector socket , you can connect a PC for data communication .
• Provide a way CAN2.0 interface standard CAN2.0 protocol , user-friendly networking ; Interface Block for the two blue terminals , 5.08mm pitch ;
• provide an independent external interrupt button , to facilitate the interrupt routine experiments. You can also make use of the freedom buttons .
• All AD input interface ( input range of 0 ~ 3V) are drawn , then the way in which the adjustable resistor AD sampling experiments.
• Provide 12,864 Chinese graphic LCD interfaces ; 20-pin socket, pin pitch 2.54mm, easy access LCD12864 LCD and other display graphics and characters .
• Provide DC motor control interface , anti- anti-plug design , pin pitch 2.0mm;;
• Provide stepper motor control interface , anti- anti-plug design , pin pitch 2.54mm;;
• reserved infrared receiver , temperature sensor input interface, user extensions.
• All leads chip PWM interface ;
• DSP bus open , data lines, address lines, control lines , special function pin and all leads, four 40-pin pin interface pin pitch 2.54mm, user extensions is very convenient ;
• Power is provided directly by the external power supply, more stable and reliable ;
• Provide high-quality independent power switch , control power , easy to operate ;
• comply with the IEEE 1149.1 standard DSP JTAG interfaces, 6 feet empty , pin pitch 2.54mm, can meet the market all the standard JTAG interface emulator , the anti- anti- plug design , user-friendly programming debugging programs .
• Provides Boot Select DIP switch , set the startup mode is very convenient. The default FLASH boot.
Positive with the negative , which can be accessed frequently used to board 5V switching power supply ; • DC 5V external power input connector.
• Provide four mounting holes , user-friendly mounting ;
• Physical dimensions : 17 * 11.5 cm;


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